There is a need for pension portability, lớn enable workers lớn take whatever pension credits they earn from job lớn job.

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number/provider/service portability With number portability, consumers are less tied to lớn one carrier.
Another possible reason for the apparent low mobility might be that before 2002 the portability & vesting rules had been more restrictive & more complex.
This condition seems natural if we want the encoding to preserve the portability of processes across the nodes of a distributed network.
It is often a topic of tension khổng lồ balance the domain specificity versus the portability of a natural language grammar.
Adaptation to specific machine requirements reduces readability và portability of code & seriously complicates code maintenance.
The main advantage is that the parallel mechanism is more rigid và provides better accuracy and portability than a serial one.
With the performance having been evaluated, the next step is to lớn see how well the stochastic parser does when it comes to lớn portability.
As a result, a named entity recognition system with better performance & better portability (with much less training data) is achieved.
In this sense, the portability & ease of application of the comprehensiveness rationale insured the rapid diffusion of feedback effects.
Due to lớn portability, constraints are imposed on the dimensions và mass of the system, which resulted in a compromise in illumination power.
Chapters 4 và 5 describe existing master systems with force feedbacks, classifying & comparing them as a function of their portability.
Performance and portability are attained simultaneously because of the modular construction of the dense linear algebra operations.
Other implementations of the most useful functionalities for resource development and maintenance are being investigated lớn achieve improved responsiveness và wider portability.
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